Simone D Ross Auctioneer

Hosting & Auctioneering

I care about our nonprofit community, these organizations have enriched all of our lives. I'm passionate about partnering and supporting these phenomenal organizations in seeing their mission come to life. By evoking a sense of connection to the cause, I help nonprofits fundraise, strategize, and maximize their outcomes.

Simone D. Ross

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Simone is nothing short of exceptional. As a small non-profit organization in our infancy, large scale events with paddle raises and auctions are a risky proposition. Simone’s non-profit knowledge, charisma, and approach not only helped our staff believe the event we envisioned was possible, but she also took out all the guesswork. From consulting on the who should be in the room from our community and network, where they should be sitting, how to collect and capture donations, to efficiency in the registration process. She was there every step of the way. With Simone, not only do you receive a phenomenal force of fundraising excellence the night of your event…you receive an ultimate professional dialed into your organizational culture and needs form the first conversation. Needless to say, Simone is the official auctioneering professional for the Colorado Urban Leadership Foundation. Oh, and she helped us increase our paddle raise profit by 80%. We are sure glad to have her as the fundraising expert contracted for our organization.

Dr. Ryan Ross President and CEO, Colorado Urban Leadership Foundation

Simone Ross is one of the most energetic and amazing event leaders I’ve seen. Her humor, honesty and authenticity lights up a room. She’s able to take the audience on an incredible and emotional journey and is an excellent brand ambassador for your organization. We have been fortunate enough to have her aligned with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce for many years and trust her immensely to lead our largest and most well-respected and well-known events, The Top 25 Most Powerful Women awards. I give her the highest recommendation. She’s incredible.

Kristen Blessman, President and CEO, Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

When I thought about my 7th annual Women Who Startup Rally in Denver, Colorado I wanted to find an Emcee that could own a crowd, inspire everyone in a large audience for 3 hours long and end the night on a high, energetic note. That's exactly why I asked Simone Ross to be that Emcee. And she delivered above and beyond. Not only have I been hearing about how incredible she was as our Emcee going on 2 months after the event still, she was better than I could have asked for. Simone is a professional, owns the audience's attention and rolls with the punches of an event. She was prepared and yet read the room like a pro and fed the audience exactly what they needed and kept them engaged and excited while hosting our Rally to over 400 people with numerous guest speakers and stage changes with ease. She made the audience cheer, laugh, chant and fulfilled every desire I had for our event. I am honored to have had such a wonderful leader as our Emcee and can't wait to continue to work with Simone for years to come. This woman is the real deal in more ways than one. Thank you, Simone.

Lizelle van Vuuren, Founder and CEO, Women Who Startup Foundation